Sunday, April 13, 2008

Welcome to "Oshywood"

Oh, man, the city is just crawling with people today waiting for filming of the movie, "Public Enemies" to begin filming tomorrow downtown. It was a crazy scene of looky-loos today on Main Street and Washington Street. We talked to the construction supervisor of the movie, Michael Diersing. We got the filming schedule out of him when the best times and places to see something would be. All thanks to mentioning our IATSE Local 470 friend, Steve Dedow's name to him. The Green Bay news stations said they don't know the filming schedule. We're not sharing. Heh.

We also talked to a woman who had driven 5 hours to come and watch the filming. Crazyness!
No Johnny Depp sightings so far.

These are fake rubber bricks they are putting down on the street. This is Main Street. It never looked so good!

Main Street.

Fake billboards covering the modernistic fountain in our old looking downtown. It's an improvement-can we keep it?

More Main Street. The pawn shop (store next to "Allan Yee Cleaners") is Satori Imports, the local head shop (cleverly hidden as an import store). You wouldn't know it now!

My most favorite sign of all:

This sign is in a window down one of the side streets where there is supposed to be a soup kitchen. No wonder people were poor during the depression. Damn, I'm glad wages have risen since then.
Didn't get much done knitting yesterday because of the bedroom painting, which is done.

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