Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fences, knitting, etc.

The fence of pain is finished. The construction part is done, but there needs to be some fine tuning of the picket part. It has been raining since 15 minutes after Kyle and Joe finished putting the privacy sections up on Saturday. Perhaps I'll get to take pictures after I finish building the Ark. Ha ha. It should take a month of Sundays before it dries out enough to be able to stain it white. Now I just have to frame out a piece of lattice to fill in the gap in the backyard between the privacy section and the neighbor's garage and build my picket gate for the front and put it up. When we're done with that, there's always another project waiting!

I do have the pockets done for the Yarn Pig. I just have to take pictures of it in it's final form. I've been a teensy bit busy with my nursing care of Paulette and dealing with phone calls and visitors, who though well-meaning, just can't seem to leave Paulette alone long enough so that she can rest. Apparently I need to hone my skills in diplomacy to make everyone leave the sick person alone so that she can rest and get better. She's feeling a little better every day. I hope that it helps her feel better in the end.

I can't wait until the sun comes back out and it's a little warmer outside. 65 degrees F for a high temperature in August is not normal. Plus it's annoying. And I haven't been able to go outside and enjoy the new fence yet. Yes, I'm whining now. Sorry about that.

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