Friday, August 24, 2007

The sun will come out tomorrow (we hope)

The weather forecast for tomorrow is sunny and 75. I better start sharpening the machete to cut the grass now. If the weather behaves, the fine tuning on the fence construction should be finished by the end of the day on Sunday. Yippee. Then the construction of the gate and lattice screen can begin.

I had to rip the sock I started in the hospital back to nothing because of an unfortunate error--my problem of not being able to talk and knit at the same time rears it's ugly head once again. Bummer. This is the sock I am making:

Of course, I don't have my knitting with me right now, and I can't remember which wool yarn I am using, but the sock will be pink, as in the example.

The pattern is here, on the Crystal Palace website:

Paulette is feeling much better and actually went with me to Starbucks today on my break for coffee. The rash she developed from her pain meds is beginning to go away so she seems to be feeling more lively. I'll see if she has recovered from her outing soon when I am home from lunch (yes, I am bad and doing this at work--hey, it's summer and it's Friday).

Almost lunch time.....gotta go.

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