Friday, August 3, 2007

It's Friday!

Yippee, it's Friday. DPNgirl will be off on vacation all next week to put up a fence in her yard. We are putting a white picket fence around the front side yard and a privacy fence in the back side yard. DPNgirl and Paulette can only handle the picket part--a friend is helping with the 6 foot privacy sections.

When it's done, I'll put up pictures.

We hopefully will be done with the picket part before the middle of the week, so that we can go to Door County for a day and also lobby legislators in Madison about some state budget issues.

DPNgirl's friend, housemate and knitting buddy Paulette is having surgery the next week after that, so DPNgirl will be helping take care of her. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. DPNgirl would be very sad if something happened to her best friend whom she has known for at least 34 years.

DPNgirl (Sara) and Paulette at Christmas last year

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