Monday, August 27, 2007

Rain, rain go away...

Hey, it's raining again! What do you know. At least it was dry out this weekend so that I could all get the outdoor chores finished. The grass has been thrashed into a smaller vertical dimension, the fence fine tuning is finished, 3 loads of laundry have been done, the house has been cleaned, and the flower garden in the front has been deadheaded. Yippee. Now if it just dries up again, I can caulk some parts of the fence and stain it white. No, I didn't get out there to take a picture of the finished product. Perhaps this week some time after work, in between getting my hair done this evening and then driving to Appleton to return a pair of shoes, our Labor Council meeting tomorrow evening, and good old Knit Night on Wednesday. Thursday looks good for picture taking.

No knitting was accomplished this weekend--see above. Last evening I laid down on my bed at 9:30PM and promptly fell asleep, only waking long enough to get ready for bed and rotate laundry loads.

The newly restarted pink sock is being knitted out of Fortissima Socka wool. I have 3 rows done. Ooooweeee, such progress on the reknitting.

Paulette is going to try to go back to work tomorrow part time. Our friend Kyle thinks she should take another week off of work. I wish she would listen to Kyle, but whatever. I hope she doesn't tire herself out too much and take it slow. She started her own blog to tell others about her experience with Uterine Fibroid Embolization. Here's the link:

The reason why she wanted to put a blog out there on her experience is that there isn't a lot of information out there from the recipient's point of view on this procedure. Almost all the information you find out there is that you will recover in 7-10 days and then you'll be good to go. Excuse me, but I think that's a little one size fits all. Hey, maybe she can send the link to her now former OB/GYN, whom I disaffectionately call "Mack the Knife" for pretty obvious reasons (take THAT "Mack", oh and buh-bye), who almost had her convinced that hysterectomy was the only answer. I felt like I was deprogramming someone from a cult at times when I was "convincing" her that there were other options out there. I hope I did the right thing.

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Anonymous said...

You did convince me to do the right thing. Thank YOU!