Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fashion emergency!

Being that I work at a university, I see all sorts of weird clothing, hair, jewelry, etc. Today's weird fashion sighting was a girl with knee high boots that are so furry that they look like the Wookie from Star Wars. Paulette said I should go and take a picture of her. I don't think so. I suppose I should be happy--at least she had boots on her feet, as opposed to flip flops in such cold weather.

I once had one of my student employees come in to work in February when it was snowing out complaining that her feet were cold. Her footwear of choice for the day was flip flops. Do they look out the window before going outside? The ones that always make me feel really cold are the girls who insist on wearing spaghetti strap tops in the winter with no sweater over them. Hello, this is Wisconsin and it gets cold here.

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