Thursday, January 3, 2008


I took lots of pictures at lunchtime.

Here are my mom's completed socks:

Here is the yarn I'm going to be making my sister Lora's socks out of:

Here is my hat lining in progress:

I'm impressed at how fast this is going. I just picked the stitches up last night before I went to knit night. Woo hoo. The yarn is encased in a yarn traveller case that my sister Lora gave me for Christmas.

This is the knitting bag that Paulette's sister Cheryl gave me for Christmas:

It's lovely. It has a divider in the center and a pocket for needles. Thank you Cheryl!

She also gave me a needle roll case:

It kind of looks like a big green bean all rolled up, don't you think?

She also gave me a row counter that she made, which I still need to take a picture of.

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