Monday, January 21, 2008

We still love the Packers!

The Green Bay Packers are, no matter what the Dallas Cowboys think, America's team. Thank you Packers for a good season. We won the North Division Championship, anyhow.

On to more fun things. One more pattern repeat and I can start decreasing for the toe on the last sock of the pair for my sister Lora.

I can't wait to knit for me!

However, that must be delayed for more mundane things, such as taking out the garbage and shovelling all the snow that's falling again. We're under a snow advisory for 4-6 inches today and tonight. It's snowing pretty hard right now. Of course, I end up doing all the shovelling alone because Paulette is once again not here for a snowstorm. She's currently stuck in the airport in Memphis. Sigh. My elbow is holding up pretty well (remember, I had tennis elbow). Why can't the cats learn to help with stuff like this, the little freeloaders?

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