Friday, January 25, 2008

Hearts and beads

Hey, it's finally Friday! I wish I had the weekend all to myself with no one expecting me to be at meetings or anything else--maybe next weekend.

I got the heart scarf done:

That sure went fast.

I began the beaded scarf this morning on my break and worked more on it at my lunch hour.

The yarn for this is Koigu PPPM. I now understand why people like using this yarn. It's so buttery soft. Because this scarf has so many beads, it's frighfully heavy. I don't care. It encompasses two of my loves--knitting and sparkly stuff.

Paulette and I are definitely skipping our meeting tomorrow afternoon to go snowshoeing. I wait for this all year and I'm not going to spend a lovely Saturday afternoon indoors. So there. The meeting in the morning is in a restaurant, so there's breakfast and lunch. And they have pecan pancakes there that are nummy. Plus my friends are at the meeting, so it won't be so bad.

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