Monday, January 14, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

Well, I made good progress on the first sock of the pair for my sister Lora:

I'm to the toe decreases--yippee. However, I did not arrive at this point without a little trouble. I made Paulette try the sock on after I had done 2 toe decreases. The socks would have fit her lengthwise. My sister wears a size and a half less than her. Sigh. I knew it was going along too well in the end there. The length has now been reduced (after 2 hours--sometimes they go back slow, sometimes fast) and I have begun the toe decreases again. Soon it will be a sock!

The weather has been delightful all weekend, especially for the Green Bay Packer game. It sure was fun watching that while it was snowing there (and here). They should call it the "Snow Bowl". All I can say is, the Packer angel ornament that came off the tree and is now sitting on top of the television is remaining in place for the time being. She did her work well. I must take her picture to acknowledge her contribution.

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