Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hole-y cow!

The potholes are getting to be a really phenominal size around here.

This is in the Copps grocery store parking lot. It's on the way to one of the driveways (and to Starbucks). This picture doesn't do it any justice at all--it's forkin huge. It's about half the size of my Cavalier. It sure took them long enough to rope this and it's friends off.

My niece, Melissa, was complaining that I don't give Churchill enough face time on my blog. Here's a picture of him sleeping on Paulette's bed:

Don't disturb the sleeping beast.

Paulette and I spent the evening at church weeding out books from the library--like we don't get enough library action at our actual jobs. But I digress. Anyhow, we got it down to two tubs of books--from about 9 or so. It's amazing the amount of junk there was. Does a church library really need a book on how to fold paper airplanes? I don't think so. And really, how many Bishop Sheen books do we really need? We threw them all out. Like, get with the times here. I also don't think we need almost the entire "Chicken soup for blah blah blah" series. I could use a double mocha after doing all that. On the up side, it only took us two hours. I thought it would take a lot longer. Now we just have to go the St. Mary's worship site and do the same thing. Three of our parishes have been consolidated into one, so there's alot of work to do to make us all one big happy family.

Paulette's amaryllis is blooming.

Sorry it's blurry. I'm tired.

I finished one half of the patriotic scarf at lunch today. I have to string about eleventy-million more beads on the yarn again, which isn't happening tonight any more. So, I started the next scarf in the lineup. It's another mosaic scarf made with pink Nashua Creative Focus Worsted and variegated Noro Silk Garden yarn. Didn't take a picture of it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Good night!


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