Friday, February 15, 2008

Road trippin'

I had to drive down to Madison for a political action committee meeting today. The roads were okay--I thought they would be nightmarish after the 11 inches of snow we got yesterday.

Of course, I had time after the meeting to find a yarn store down there. I went to Prairie Junction in Sun Prairie and bought this:

Gotta love the sock yarn.

I made good progress during the meeting on the mosaic scarf:

I gave up VIP passes to see Barack Obama to go to my meeting. :( But, I get paid mileage for going to my meeting and don't have to use vacation. Greed comes first, I guess. I hear it was quite the crowd--6000 people were crammed into our sports center.

We are waiting for the next winter storm--there's a winter storm watch for Sunday. The forecast is for 7 inches this time.

I am going snowshoeing someplace tomorrow. I need to talk to Paulette's sister about it yet. Paulette is not well enough from her cold to go out snowshoeing.

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The Happy College Knitter said...

Ooooo yummy new sock yarn! Have a safe trip :)