Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot stuff

You know it's going to be a hot day outside when it's already 86 degrees at 10:45AM. If you spend too much time outside today, you'll be sweating like my water bottle:

I was outside on my break knitting when I took this. Only because it is so freakin' cold in the buildings on campus all summer--a constant 68 degrees all year. Which is really cold when you're wearing clothing suitable for the 90 degree weather outside. Don't get me wrong, I like the air conditioning. It's running at home right now, with all the blinds closed. It's pretty cave-like in there when it's hot out. At least Churchill is staying cool that way.

Speaking of the knitting, my summer lace sweater is coming along nicely:

The pattern is Sonata crest of the wave tank top by Michelle Ciccariello from the elann.com website. The yarn I am using is Sublime SoyaCotton DK. It's nice, soft yarn--a little splitty, but okay. The pattern leaves a little to be desired. It has been a real challenge at times to figure out what the pattern designer wants you to do.

I have an adventure to accomplish on my lunch hour to do list. I am going to the hardware store to find new hinges for the kitchen cabinets. One broke on the weekend, and it's proving to be a challenge to find any that work with the existing hinges. Paulette tried Fleet Farm and Menards with no success. Replacing all of them isn't really what I want to do right now, so my search continues. I will be visiting Kitz and Pfeil, the True Value hardware store soon.

On the Churchill front, I took him outside without a leash Saturday morning. I set him in the front yard. Maybe he feels safer there, because his main focus was not being scared--it was eating the long grass, a really normal cat thing to do. He must have had a good time, because when I brought him in and set him in the front porch, he howled to be let back out. There's hope for him yet. I decided I am going to make him a new collar, since all the manufactured ones are either too small or what I think would be really uncomfortable if I were a cat.

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