Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A rumble in the basement

There is a rumble in our basement this morning. It's a good sound. It means the new water heater is working correctly. This doesn't come without it's share of drama.

As you all read yesterday, I took vacation all day to wait for Phil to come and fix the water heater. He was supposed to come later in the afternoon, so I volunteered (oh, twist my arm on such a nice weather day) to stay home and wait for him. He didn't come until 5:30PM, so I could have gone to work. Oh well, I had a nice afternoon of knitting in the sun. Phil determined that we needed a new water heater. He couldn't get parts for the one that was down there, the one he called a 'tweener. Apparently that model was only produced for a few months last year and parts are hard to come by. So, Phil got it all installed by 7PM. We could eat and go to the grocery store then. But........it wasn't fixed all the way. We were keeping an eye on the new one. When Paulette and I checked the water heater at 9PM, there was a growing puddle by the new water heater. Sigh. I went down to see what the problem was. Phil had not fully soldered the hot water connection to the kitchen and the join was leaking. So, we ended up calling the plumbers--again. A new guy named Keith or some other name that begins with the letter "K" came over at 10:10PM. He was there until 11:15PM. He said that Phil would hear about it today. He had no sympathy for Phil, since the new guy said he had spent most of the day in a crawl space (yuck).

The good news is, that $110 we spent on a 10 year parts and labor warranty came in very handy, since this cost us $0 for all three calls yesterday. It's the best money we ever spent on something house-related!

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Yarnjunkie said...

Boy do I understand where you're coming from. For me it was computer. Must have been a "bug" in the air that got all things techie.