Friday, June 19, 2009

Retrospective on the week

Is it Friday already? Well, it has been a long week. I guess Friday just sort of snuck up on me.

Let's see, what have I been up to? Oh yes, there has been knitting:

I finished this last night, blocked it on my lunch hour. Now I started a lace tank top. I've only got 4 rows done, so there's not much to show pictorially.

Paulette got me an early birthday present:

We're going to the early opening of the movie, "Public Enemies" on June 30. It nicely coincides with my birthday on June 29. I am taking vacation both days. On my birthday I want to go to Washington Island in Door County. I've been to Door County lots of times, but have never made the trip all the way to the tip of the peninsula. Should be fun!

We went to the art fair in South Park in Oshkosh this past Sunday. There was lots of stuff, but I only bought these resin buttons to work into my knitting somehow:

I haven't mentioned Churchill in a while. He's happy the windows are open. He's not so happy about the humidity. I suppose I wouldn't be if I were wearing a fur coat all year 'round like he is.

The yard is busy producing flowers.

William Baffin is happily blooming by the back door:

My Sarah Bernhardt peony is finally blooming:

And here's a photo of our first ever clematis flower:

We have had a lot of trouble growing clematis because the bunnies always eat them to the ground. Maybe they have found tastier stuff somewhere else.

Have a good weekend!

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