Monday, June 1, 2009

Waiting for Phil

Our water heater has decided to take a little vacation today. Phil was here this morning to see what it's problem was. At least we could take showers after that visit. :) Unfortunately, it's still not working. Phil has to come back. The good news is that last year when we had to get this one because of the flooding, we bought a 10 year warranty. We'll soon see how good the warranty is.

While I'm home on vacation waiting for him, my camera has been busy:

I bought this yarn on Saturday to make a shawl to go with the summer sweater I'm going to knit soon. It's nice that $16 can buy you a week or two of fun time.

We got a lot done in the yard yesterday, including planting my windowbox. It's so pretty. I love the internet for giving me this pattern for the box. And I did it all without power tools (well, except for the drill). It was my first experience using a coping saw. Those blades are NOT fun to load in the saw.

The irises are blooming in the yard now:

The peony in the front of the house is starting to open:

I bought these cute solar lights at Fleet Farm:

I have 1 repeat to knit on my shawl and then the border and it's done!

Oh yeah, we also got Churchill to be outside boy for about 15 minutes on Friday evening. He was okay until he got scared of something he smelled outside and started to get growly. It's a start!

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Anonymous said...

Jeepers....Frankie gets scared of the wind blowing through his fur....and if a car or person comes down the alley, he runs for the door.....sometimes i think he is afraid of his own shadow.....Now his new thing is his itchy twitchy thing and he has kicked a sore right behind his ear....I will keep an eye on it so it doesn't get worse..maybe a trip to the vet is in order....

Love ya...