Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome Mr. President

Paulette and I got tickets to the health care forum with President Obama in Green Bay. It was awesome and really well organized for an event like this. In fact, I've never seen a political event run smoother. Anyhow, here are pictures:

The lines outside. We waited for about and hour and a half. At least it was a nice day outside!

Look, a sign from my high school on the gym wall! Sheboygan South rules!

Mr. President

Paulette, our friend Cindy Schultz and 1500 others

The President writes a note to excuse Kennedy, age 10, from school. I bet her teacher never sees the note!

The press.

Me, Paulette and Cindy

Ah, what political event would be complete without protesters? One of the protesters was saying that Barack Obama had a Nazi health plan. I thought that was a pretty tasteless remark considering the event that happened at the Holocaust Museum yesterday.

It was pretty boring until the President showed up at the event. No sharp objects were allowed--which meant no knitting. I survived-barely.

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Colorado Kutzik said...

You guys always get to hang out with the cool dudes! Mr. President looks good.