Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last night at knit night, Patty brought a bunch of old patterns to give to the group. After folks took what they wanted, I took the rest home. Here are a couple of gems I found in my pile:

This is a Spinnerin pattern from 1958. Love the look on her face. What is she looking at? Space aliens, perhaps? Maybe she needs to cut down on the caffeine a little bit.

Here we have a couple from the middle to late 1960s. Love the purple onesie! The pattern is called "Happy time". If you look at the pattern, you get the garment on and off via a 16 inch zipper in the neck area. It doesn't sound to me like that would be a happy time if you needed to use the restroom in that thing. The red sweater is called, "Date time". Love that girl's big hair. Do you think she's wearing one of those "Bump It" things that they are selling on TV now in her hair, so that she can have "big, happy hair"? These patterns are from the Spinnerin booklet with the title of "More fun time: with giant Jiffy needles and introducing Jiffy crochet".

If you have a hankering to reproduce these items, let me know. I'll email the patterns to you.

Knit night was huge last night. There must have been 20 people there. Fabulous!

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Anonymous said...

Haha...that purple one reminds me of the shape of the gymsuits we had to wear....or, when Beth was little the "onesie" outfits were popular...