Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Number six

I have started shawl number 6 in my series of shawls. I can't get enough lace!

This one is the Leaf lace shawl from the book "Knitted Lace Triangles" by Evelyn Clark.

I have 3.5 repeats of 10 done so far. It's pretty easy.

Here's the Angel lace shawl all done:

This shawl was the first that I used my new blocking wires on. They are fabulous! It sure speeds up the time to block it, instead of pinning out every individual point on the lace. It's the best $20 I have spent so far on tools for knitting.

The weather here has been most helpful in getting a lot of knitting done. It has been raining for days now. The temperature right now is 54 degrees. On June 9.

The gardens are liking the weather. I hope the seeds I planted in front of the picket fence didn't wash away.

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