Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter intervenes

Oh my, I'm so tired. I have been running with one Easter thing or another since last week Monday. This morning (the day after) when I woke up my body said, "You're not really expecting me to get out of bed this early and go to work, are you?". I really didn't feel all that well, probably from all the unfamiliar food, so I stayed home and slept until 10:30AM. Yikes, that's almost 12 hours of sleep! I do feel much better now. Hey, it's spring break anyhow.

My gloves are coming along. I almost have the index finger done on the second glove.

My next project is Brooke Nelson's column of leaves scarf, made out of the Handmaiden Sea Silk in the Rose Garden colorway (peachy-pink and sage green) I bought a few weeks ago:

I can't wait!

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