Friday, March 7, 2008

What a difference a day makes

This morning when I was working in the Slide Library I started thinking that you can't argue with hard numbers. Sooooo, I started doing a survey of the entire slide collection (all 195 drawers of them!) to see where we got all those slides from. Well, I got through the first 4 drawers ( I would have gotten through more, but I needed to go on break to knit. I have my priorities!) and found that out of the roughly 1000 slides I looked through that more than half of them are copied from books or magazines, therefore they would be unusable for this project. It's actually worse than I thought! Okay, I'm saying it--I told you so, Art department faculty!!

Enough of work stuff now. My sock is going along slowly. If I didn't have to keep going away to meetings or whatever in the evenings after work it would help. Tomorrow I want to go to Iris Fine Yarns to look for a glove pattern to make gloves with the Alpaca Sox yarn I bought for spring. Maybe if I make gloves for the spring season, it get here faster.

Some day the icebergs outside will melt. It's been slow going on the melting front. It's supposed to be -5 outside tonight. Not much melting is going to happen that way. We have a ton of potholes on the pavement that is uncovered. I don't remember any recent years when they have been quite this bad.

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