Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wow, it's Wednesday!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. That means it's Knit Night again. Lots to do before then though.

I got my gloves all finished:

It sure helps even the stitches out when you wash and block them.

My new project is a lace scarf. I am using Brooke's Column of Leaves scarf pattern that can be found here:

Here's the start of it:

The Handmaiden Sea Silk yarn I am using for this (color: Rose Garden) is very soft and lightweight. I can't wait to wear this!

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The Happy College Knitter said...

The gloves look great and I love that scarf pattern--yours will look fantastic as per usual!

and GUESS WHAT! I will almost 100% be in Oshkosh this summer! :)