Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm still a factory!

Here are the Railroad Rib worsted weight socks all done:

It's creative picture taking run amok. I made these with size 5 DPNs. They turned out a little big, but that's okay since I'm just wearing them in boots. Next time (if there is one) I would use 4s. This pattern was really easy, but I was getting bored towards the end. My feet are warm.

Now I started knitting these "Lit mitts".

What are lit mitts, you say? Oh, my little readerlets, they are actually fingerless mitts. I named them lit mitts because I do a lot of literature drops for political candidates and it's hard to manipulate the literature to leave it at someone's door with gloves or regular mittens on your hands. These will be really good! I borrowed some of Paulette's a couple of weeks ago when we were putting lit out and they were wonderful.

On the Jeffy front, he is all happy that I took him outside for 10 minutes yesterday. He sat on the front steps and purred and purred. He has spring fever in a major way. Don't we all. I wish the ugly snowpiles would go away now.

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